Recent Downtime

2016-07-27 20:56:19

As most of you have noticed, Openload was not reachable recently for about a day.
That was because our domain got suspended by our domain registrar namecheap because of "DMCA complaints", as we were told.
Unfortunately their support was not authorized to remove the suspension because their "Legal and Abuse Department" needed to check first.
It took them almost a day to decide that Openload acts according to the DMCA law and that all of their DMCA complaints were handled within a few hours and reported files have been taken down.
On this occasion we wanted to remind all of our users that we will delete files for which we receive valid takedown requests and might ban your account on repeated infringements.
To all of the copyright holders: We are offering several methods of taking down files according to the DMCA law, which is practically a standard in the whole world.
For further information please see our Copyright Policy.
We are also offering a takedown tool to which you can get access by sending a short email to [email protected]
Nevertheless, what namecheap did was not right and also namecheap should act according to the law. But at least they were sorry about their desicion and finally enabled our domain again.
A user asked namecheap on facebook about the suspension of our domain and received this answer, which one might consider as a statement of namecheap:
"We acknowledge that our legal team was too heavy handed in this case, and we’ve taken steps internally to ensure that this won’t happen again. As long as they respond to DMCA complaints within required time frames, they should be ok going forward."